Instagram Stories now on Windows 10 Mobile

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Last featured here on AAWP, Instagram's UWP app has been updated to include support for the service's new Snapchat mode Stories feature. The idea is that you capture stills or videos 'instantly', annotating them or adding emojis and then instantly sharing them via an auto-zapping service. I must be too old for all this, I can't see the point in sharing something that's going to be deleted almost immediately, though there's at least a manual 'save' facility for anything you're particularly proud of. 

About a month ago, Instagram officially announced Stories, letting you 'share all the moments from a day'. For iOS and the iPhone at least - and now Windows 10 Mobile has this too:

Instagram screenshotInstagram screenshotInstagram screenshotInstagram screenshot

The interface, like Snapchat's original, isn't trivial, you have to know when to swipe and when to tap - sigh. But it's all fairly responsive, at least on my Lumia 950.

You can grab or update Instagram UWP for Windows 10 (Mobile) here in the Store. It's created from the original iPhone codebase using Microsoft's Project Islandwood, so should give you everything the iPhone version does.

There's also a promo video for the 'Stories' concept (using an iPhone, but hey....): (via)

Is it just me or are social services just trying to copy each other these days, meaning that all end up somewhat bloated and confusing. Thank goodness for Twitter, which has remained relatively lean!