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Baconit Donate

Baconit is a modern metro reddit app for Windows Phone. Baconit fully supports Windows Phone 8, and provides a beautiful, clean, fast, and easy interface...

Published by: Quinn Damerell


Space Weather

**Redesigned from Nokia DVLUP design consultation with Dave Crawford from Microsoft** The original Space Weather app for Windows Phone! Only a glance...

Published by: Stellar North LLC


GPS Thermometer

GPS Thermometer displays the current outside temperature for your location. GPS and an active internet connection is required to retrieve the temperature...

Published by: Jappi-Soft


The Onion 7

! Live Tile Enabled ! CAUTION: This app has been known to distract you from just about anything. Don't use while driving. Wait, what? It's...

Published by: crazy-hot solutions



Meteoh​​, the simplest application, fast and fluid, arrived on the Windows Phone Store! Main features: - Hourly forecast for a week - Local Weather...

Published by: Fabrizio Alessandro


MyRadar Weather Radar (Ad Free)

MyRadar a fast, easy-to-use, weather application that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what...

Published by: ACME AtronOmatic, LLC


The Economist Offline

The Economist Offline downloads the current edition of economist. Now you can read the full US version of The Economist magazine even when you do...

Published by: YazzMatazz



"Collector is simply the best news reader on the market.” Browse through and choose from a selection of hundreds of feeds, or better still...

Published by: Squallstar Studio


Today Widgets

Today Widgets provides you the simplest way to check your local weather forecast without unlocking the phone. Features: •Local Weather and Forecast •Quote...

Published by: CrewBeat Team


Weave News Reader

This is the premium version of Weave News Reader. It differs only in that it is completely ad-free. There is no trial version available - please...

Published by: Seles Games


Paul Thurrott

The Paul Thurrott: PocketTech app is the perfect way to be in the know with Windows expert Paul Thurrott. With the app you'll have one access...

Published by: Penton Media, Inc


5 Days Weather

Weather 5 days is a great weather app which provides daily forecasts for the next 5 days + hourly forecasts for the next 5 days. The simplest weather...

Published by: Audioguidia


BBC Weather

Display BBC weather information as seen on the BBC weather website. Submit feature requests, feedback and bug reports to Build...

Published by: Chesusoft