Welcome to our Battle Organizing Tool of our series „Frontline"
Organize your lists quick and easy to play a tabletop game in the Pacific 1942/1943.
Tokyo Express: This App helps you to quickly organize your 35th Assault Infantry Company (Kawaguchi Detachment), Guadalcanal 1942/43 for a tabletop game (miniatures 1:100, 1:72, 1:56).
You need no further book (but ageneral rule book), in the app you find the organizer diagram, company information, units, history and as additional material with special rules, overview of Japanese Arsenal etc. as a pdf.
Our line is based on historical context, but as well you find some variations which might have been possible.
Configurate a complete company with all needed elements (HQ, Combat Platoons, Weapon Platoons, Support Platoons) and see the total score of points in any change and combination, no limitation in points.
List, view and store your company within the Battle-Screen for an upcoming battle with your friends. Store your current battle list, use it during the game and even mail it to your mail account or to your friends.
- Mobile Organizer Tool for your battle forces
- Store your battle list
- Send your lists by email to your account or to friends
- Build up a cool company list and see the points at one glance – as well, if you change your points!
- Easy to use configurator for full HQ, full Combat Platoons, full Weapon Platoons, full Support Platoons with detailed information
- Complete arsenal overview of the forces
- JPGs with company diagram units for details, history and more
- Two new Missions for table top games in 1/100, 1/72 e.s.o.

Our series "Frontline" is an organizer for tabletop-games. See also other Apps in the store.
Get more information about all our apps here: http://www.redoctopus.de. Please feel free to send us your comments and feedback and of course a review! Thank you for your support!


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