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Astronomy Kit is an easy to use planetarium application very useful for amateur astronomers or simply for anyone who likes to learn about the night sky.

Quickly and easily locate the planets, learn at what time they rise and set, and decide the best moment to watch them. Select any date to plan ahead your observations. Use the geolocalization system on your smartphone to set your location so Astronomy Kit can accurately represent the sky.

The planetarium projects the positions of the stars, planets and objects in a flat map that is easy to read. Please, note that East and West are reversed because you will watch the sky map with the smartphone over your head to compare it with what you see on the sky, in this position if you are facing South, East will be at your left side.

If you find a bug or you have a suggestion, please instead of negatively rating it, send me an email to

Features included in the full version:
-Jupiter's Galilean satellites
-Point your smartphone to the sky and identify on screen what you're watching.
-Planetarium with stars up to magnitude 6.
-The planets from Mercury to Neptune.
-The main constellations.
-The full Messier catalog including 110 galaxies, star clusters and nebulas.
-Search any star or planet or Messier object by name.

Limitations of the trial version:
Astronomy Kit will show stars and Messier objects brighter than magnitude 4.5. Point and view and Jupiter's satellites are only available in the full version. Besides that, there is no other limitation or advertising.
New in version
- Point and view performance improved, it no longer suffers from slowdowns or double labels.
New in version
- Bugfixes.
New in version
- Full Windows Phone 8 App, supporting all screen resolutions.
- A Live Tile with the Solar System (updated only when the application is run, to preserve battery)
- Improved responsiveness in the Moon Page.
- Improved performance in several areas.
- Bugfixes in Point & View.


Astronomy Kit ScreenshotAstronomy Kit ScreenshotAstronomy Kit ScreenshotAstronomy Kit ScreenshotAstronomy Kit Screenshot

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