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Audio Meter is a Tool for sound level measuring in dB or dB(A) with a wide range of advanced features build in. Audo Meter can also display the frequency domain very accurate within the hardware limits. You can record the Measurements to a graph, for later analysis. You can even save and load the Graphs, and export to OneDrive, for use in Excel or other csv enabled application.

Audio Meter can act as a simple "DB-Meter", "Frequency Meter", or as an advanced analysis tool.

Use it to monitor and/or compare two or more devices (cars, dishwasher, washing machines etc.) dB or dB(A). To find out which is making the most noise.

Being able to record (plot) the Measurements can be useful for many purposes. As an example, you can use it to monitor any device that makes some kind of noice when it runs. The graph will then show exactly when the device was on, and off. Imagine you want to find out how often your fridge runs. Easy..Start Audio Meter, let it run over night. Next morning, you will have a nice graph, showing the exact time stamps and durations of when the fridge compressor was running.

With Audio Meter you can:
• Measure Sound Level (SL) in dB
• Measure Sound Level (SL) in dB(A)
• Measure Sound Frequency Domain
• Record SPL dB and dB(A)
• Save / Load Graphs
• Recording interval 100 ms to 5.000ms
• Record up to 140 hours of data (db+dbA+Frequency and time)
• Export data to OneDrive (Excel (csv)) for further data analysis.
• Ear Protection Indication (with dynamic range)
• Frequency Filtering
• Start Positions Plot

• Spectrum Analyzer (freq. domain)
• Scope (frequency visualization)
• SPL Graph
• dB Reading
• db(A) Reading
• Freq. Domain (50 ~ 7.5 kHz)
• "Clicks" analysis with smoothness filter, for easy click-sound analysis.
• Watchdog (auto-start/stop)

Being able to record the audio level over time can be useful in many ways.
You can monitor how often your fridge runs over night or your heater or
whatever. As long as it gives makes some kind of sound, you will be able to
record and analyze the frequency it runs at. Not to mention the duration!

The recorded graphs can be saved and loaded for later analysis and comparing. You may save up to 20 graphs and each graph can hold 100K data points. That is enough for more than 48 hours of continuously recording.

The demo only has two limitations:
• You cannot export to OneDrive.
• You can only save two files.

• Interval Frequency
• Auto Stop
• Resolution
• dB Scale
• Flash Threshold
• Rotation lock
• Auto Lock Screen
• Persistant Graph
• Turn Scope & Spectrum on / off
• Save Warning on exit

Technical Information:
• Record resolution: 100ms* ~ 5k ms in 100ms intervals
• SPL Accuracy: +- 5% (ms)*
• dB Accuracy: +- 1 dB*
• Frequency 50 ~ 7.5 kHz +- 1 Hz*
• Max DPP: 100.000
• Max number of files: 20
• Max Concurrent Rec.: 140 hours.
• Max dB reading: 140 dB*.

* Hardware limitation / OS limitation.
• Added new feature "Watchdog"


Audio Meter ScreenshotAudio Meter ScreenshotAudio Meter ScreenshotAudio Meter ScreenshotAudio Meter ScreenshotAudio Meter ScreenshotAudio Meter ScreenshotAudio Meter Screenshot

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