Audio Notepad


This app is a simple and stylish audio recorder.

-Recording than can be paused and resumed anytime.
-Organize by category and choose their background color.
-Sort by category, date, name or priority.
-Possibility to modify the notes.
-Notification management.
-Tiles on start.
-Fully customizable interface.
-Upload to OneDrive or the library.
-Share your notes thanks to OneDrive links.
-Define a noise gate threshold: When the captured signal gets below this threshold, the recording is automatically paused.
-Note details can now be sent by mail.
-A message is now shown when trying to export >100Mb files to OneDrive.
-Fixed a bug with large file renaming.

New GUI.

Added sorting by category.

-Added new settings option.
-The note is now shown and selected after recording.

-Added new setting options.

-Optimized memory management (thanks Motsamai M. for crash report).
-If an OutOfMemory exception is thrown during the recording, its stops and the app doesn’t crash anymore (your recording in not lost as it was before).
-Shown the amount of free memory until the recording automatically stops.

- Added progress bar during upload to OneDrive.
- The phone doesn't go in lock mode during upload to OneDrive anymore.
- Fixed some crash issues during recording

Changed the pause recording system

Bugfix and GUI changes

Added bookmark management

v. 2.1.8
Tiles and notifications.

v. 2.1.7
Customization (part 1)

v. 2.1.6
Bookmarks (part 1)

v. 2.1.5
- You can now modify your notes.
- Minor bug fix and GUI changes.

v. 2.1.4
- Added settings.
- GUI changes.

v. 2.1.3
- You can now define a noise gate.
- Vu-meter was expanded (two more leds).

v. 2.1.2
- You can now send a link to your note recording by mail after an upload on OneDrive
- Minor bug fix and GUI improvements.

v. 2.1.1
- The recording can now be paused and resumed.
- The vu-meter is now always active except when playing a recording preview.
- The current position time is now displayed when playing a recording (yellow).
- A second time indicating the new position will appear when you are browsing a recording (green).
- The label "note" was replaced by the label "comment".
- Minor bug fix and GUI improvements.


Audio Notepad ScreenshotAudio Notepad ScreenshotAudio Notepad ScreenshotAudio Notepad ScreenshotAudio Notepad ScreenshotAudio Notepad ScreenshotAudio Notepad ScreenshotAudio Notepad Screenshot

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