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Get The Best Flashlight Today! It's The Most Featured Torch LED Light In The Market You Can Find!

Best flashlight is the brightest, fastest, and most feature rich front light with video camera zoom for the Windows Phone! The app uses the front camera light on Windows Phone as a camera light and then allows you to zoom in! Plus you can setup a timer so that the light turns off after a few minutes as well. You can also use your camera zoom flash light with additional light. There are many ways you can use a camera light.

Is a front facing camera light a necessity for an Windows Phone? Yes, Yes, & Yes!!!

★ Special Feature: Light + Video Zoom View
We've added a special video view to the light! When would this be useful? Lets say you are replacing the bulb in the backyard and need to read the bulb voltage in the dark. Turn on the app, activate camera light & video and viola. Not only will you have light but you'll also be able to zoom in and see the exactly voltage of the bulb you are replacing from the phone.

★ Ways To Use Flashlight - Let us count the ways!
✓ Set Light Timer - Light Up Room For Few Minutes.
✓ Use it to open doors in low light
✓ Find things in your purse
✓ Find your keys in the dark
✓ Read in the dark
✓ Replace backyard bulb at night
✓ walking to your car at night
✓ During a power outage
✓ Hiking or outdoors
✓ SOS & Morse Codes During Emergencies

✓ Flash Light Runs Even When Phone Is Locked (New)
✓ Use External Camera Button To Turn On Flash (New)
✓ Flash Light Runs Even When App In Background (New)
✓ Instant On Light When App Activates
✓ Front Light With Video (Must Have)
✓ Strobe Light Effect with Speed Control
✓ Clap For Light On/Off Control
✓ Flip Device On/Off Control
✓ Multiple Tap Light On/Off
✓ Energy Saving Light
✓ Set Custom Light Timing
✓ Battery Indicator
✓ Speech Detection For OnOff Light


Flashlight - Torch LED Light ScreenshotFlashlight - Torch LED Light ScreenshotFlashlight - Torch LED Light Screenshot

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