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CSS Web Design Crash Course - Level 1

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the web standard described by the W3C for the visual display of page elements. During this training production, we will demonstrates the syntax and structure of the CSS language so that is can be used to create unique and dynamic web content.

The author starts the training with an introduction to CSS, including the need for CSS and different types of style statements that can be included. Classification is then covered, first in Level 1 with an extensive look at many of the selectors that can be used to define style groups and then in Level 2 a look at both pseudo classes and pseudo elements to fine tune your selections. CSS layout is then covered focusing on topics such as inheritance, block level layout, the element box and inline level layout. In conclusion the training is wrapped up with a presentation on the use of length and value representations.
Outline for Level 1:

1.0 Course Introduction

2.0 Cascading Style Sheets
-Structure vs Content
-Cascading Order
-Inline Style Statement
-Embedded Style Statements
-External Style Statements

3.0 Selectors
- Classification
- Type Selector
- Universal Selector
- Universal vs Type Selector

4.0 Selectors II
- Descendant Selector
- Child Selector
- Adjacent Sibling Selector
- Class Selector

5.0 Selectors III
- ID Selector
- Simple Attribute Selector
- Exact Attribute Selector
- Selectors Conclusion

Note: Level 2 will be sold separated.


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