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Best Calendar App on WP7 and WP8, Calendar[+] is now Calendar Pro. This version is FREE and has many useful features. Buy full version has more features.

-Last release of free version. Full version will keep updating though.

-Integration with live account now supports deletion
-quick navigation to home screen from day, week and month views.

-Integration with live account
-Can now Change first day of week or adjust week numbers
-Create new entry from existing one

-Check "..." menus in day, week and month views for more.
-Add a new event from month, week and day view. Just tap and hold on a day in month or week view or a time in day view.
-Options to show day, week or month on small and medium tiles instead of showing the icon.
-Option to show week number in month view.

Option to show/hide private and full day schedules.
Highlight current day on week view
Correctly display multi-day schedule on week view

Ability to add schedule for windows phone 8.x users

-Full functional trial.
-Wide tiles for week, month and day view. Remember to expand the tile after creating it.
-Wide main tile showing next and later appointment.
-Week view
-Add new appointment from any view (WP 8 or above only)

This app brings the best features of a calendar app for free. Daily, weekly and month views. Search and filter based grouping. Pin appointments to start screen. And a beautiful UI.

other features:
2. Tap in month view to see appointments details below
3. Tap+Hold Reply/ReplyAll or forward an appointment from any screen.

Privacy Policy:
This app needs access to calendar event/appointment data of the users.
We take the privacy STRICTLY and this app does not share any of this data with another app or service or entity locally or over the internet.
Only sharing this app allows for this content is via email and that too with explicit control of the user to modify anything and then send it or not.


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