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Hello everyone,I am Cortanb,Windows phones voice assistant,I can help you do many things and chat with you if you have bored feeling,so take me to your family soon.

Say "summon cortanb" to Cortana can find me,I will execute your commands even the screen is black,The list left side is the commands you can say,right side is my responses,commands and responses all can use separate char "|" to separate it,responses after separate will execute one random.

I born with many commands and responses,of course this not enough,you can extend me immortally,now study and get it now,you must be satisfied.

You can add/delete/update the list to edit/extend my skills.
*update //Tap the text which you want to update and a textbox will be show immediately for your update,tap Enter key can test response code.
*add //The last item of the list is ... forever,you can update this item to add your command and response.
*delete //Clear command and response of the item which you want to delete.

Command and response can be text,like session between two persion,can invoke packaged functions to handle tasks,can use [song] to listen in song names, singer names, album names and list names of music library,can use [contact] to listen in contact names.

Command can use body sense event,the following is events notes,pay attention to event cannot trigger while screen is black
[shake] //shake your phone
[screen down] //let screen down
[screen up] //let screen up

Response can insert skill function,the following is functions notes,pay attention to the expression,if something out your mind,you should check the expression errors
[call ContactOrNumber] //call Contact or Number
[exe Command] //search Command in command list to execute
[exit] //exit the software
[get battery] //get battery power percent
[get date] //get current day date
[get ip] //get local machine IP address,the value will be null if no net connect
[get place] //get current longitude and latitude,need your allow for get your place
[get time] //get current time
[get week] //get current day week
[light off] //turn off the flash lamp
[light on] //turn on the flash lamp
[list clear] //clear the list,please use it careful
[list reset] //reset the list,please use it careful
[log copy] //copy all webpage remote execute code log to the clipboard
[loop Response] //loop execute Response until you (say "stop") or ((event or webpage remote) execute "[loopend]") to end loop
[loopend] //end loop,pay attention,only can use event or webpage remote execute it
[mail ContactOrAddress] //send mail to Contact or Address
[music next] //play next song
[music pause resume] //control music pause/resume
[music play] //play all music of media library
[music play SongNameOrSingerOrListOrAlbum] //look for Name in media library and play it
[music previous] //play previous song
[music single loop] //single song loop current playing song
[open Uri] //open a Uri
[random MinValue MaxValue] //get a random number between MinValue and MaxValue
[record audio] //start record audio
[record cut Id] //delete recording file,Id is file id,starts from 0
[record play Id] //play recording file,Id is file id,starts from 0
[record video] //start record video
[record video flash] //start record video with flash
[record video front] //start record video with front camera
[recordend] //stop record
[screen lock] //lock screen
[sleep Milliseconds] //sleep Milliseconds time,1 minute = 1000 milliseconds
[sms ContactOrNumber] //send message to Contact or Number
[take photo] //use primary camera to take photo
[take photo flash] //use primary camera and open flash lamp to take photo
[take photo front] //use front camera to take photo
[text clear] //clear saved text
[text copy] //copy saved text to the clipboard
[text save] //convert your voice to text and save to local storage
[vibrate Milliseconds] //vibrate Milliseconds,the valid value of Milliseconds is between 0 and 5000

Use these functions can come true many fun actions,such as use the following code to show SOS signal(need flash lamp):
[loop [light on][sleep 100][light off][sleep 100][light on][sleep 100][light off][sleep 100][light on][sleep 100][light off][sleep 500][light on][sleep 500][light off][sleep 500][light on][sleep 500][light off][sleep 500][light on][sleep 500][light off][sleep 100]]

Other apps(such as Customize Tile) can invoke me to execute code,such as use the following code to let me take a photo and exit:
cortanb:[take photo]OK[exit]

You can use other devices of your LAN to remote control me,open my ip address in your browser,such as 192.168.1.X,then input code and push enter key to execute

If you can not understand these expressions yet,you can analyse my default list,via me,you can be a mini programer~
If you have good advices,you can contact author via EMail(winkki@foxmail.com)
If you like this software,I hope you can buy the paid version,thanks for your support!

new expressions in script language: if for var

email function
place function

use [contact] to listen in contacts
use [song] to listen in song names,singer names,list names,album names of music library
front camera

record sound|video function
other apps execute code
webpage remote control

revise help documnt
repair bugs


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