Advanced RSA/AES/BlowFish/TwoFish/RC6 Crypter.

Crypt your Email/SMS with AES/BlowFish/TwoFish/RC6/Serpent/Cast256 with up to 448bit symmetric keys. Secret Password can be Hashed with up to BLAKE/SHA 512bit hash.
Supports also Up to 8192bit public RSA key for public key exchange.
RSA Crypt is recomended for password Exchange and/or key/cipher/hash settings.
Generate RSA public/private key then send public key to other party/friend and he/she could crypt password or text for you to decrypt with your private key.
Or just enter same password and crypt with symmetric ciphers up to 448bit keys AES/BlowFish/TwoFish/RC6/Serpent/Cast256.
Both parties must have same hash/symmetric cipher setting set under settings page.
Optionaly you could also set Salt as secondary password.
RSA private/public key can be saved with password encrypted form to local storage or just paste it to text file or email/SMS it somewhere.

Have Fun and say Hello to NSA : ))

RSA Public Key Extended to 8192 bit.
New Symmetric Ciphers : TwoFish, RC6.


New Password Hash : SHA512.


Message or RSA public key QRCode generation. Generate QRCode of Crypted messages or RSA public key. Other party can scan QRCode message and paste it same as before from email/SMS to decrypt or RSA public key. Or just enter regular text and play with generated QRCodes text.

NOTE : QRCode have around 4200 characters limit!


New Symmetric Ciphers : Serpent, Cast256
New Password Hash : RIPEMD320

New Password Hash : SHA-3 (Keccak)

Internal QRCode Scanner added. Scan generated QRCode Public Key or just regular text to Crypt/Decrypt. It is intended to internal purposes only!

New Cipher Modes : CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) , CFB (Cipher FeedBack), GCM (Galois/Counter Mode).

NOTE : To DeCrypt texts with older versions use CBC mode. Older versions used CBC mode!


Crypter ScreenshotCrypter ScreenshotCrypter ScreenshotCrypter ScreenshotCrypter ScreenshotCrypter ScreenshotCrypter ScreenshotCrypter Screenshot

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