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Delivery simulator is a free-to-play vehicle driving simulator. You can drive Trucks in missions where you can attach/detach truck's trailer, use Forklifts to put the crates in vehicles and deliver them, drive Army Truck without dropping cargo. There are 30 levels where you race against time and try to drive clean. Better you drive, more stars you will get. Stars unlock new vehicles in free drive mode including sport cars.

Works perfectly on any windows phone 8/8.1 device


-All vehicles include interior view

-Beautifully crafted environment and cities

-Realistic car physics, smooth and precise handling

-Realistic graphics with exhaust smokes and car reflections

-Realistic vehicle sounds and sound effects

-Vehicles receive damage and in free drive mode they can be repaired

-Choose between "Accelerometer" (tilt), "Button" and "Steering Wheel" control.

-12 vehicles to drive including trucks, cars, vans, sport cars and a forklift (more to come soon)

-Rotate the camera and zoom with finger gestures

This game will be updated frequently. Please give ratings and feedback. We are a new studio and we really care about any feedback or requests.

Note that a new 3rd map is about 80% complete, and traffic system is 80% complete. We will add new levels and vehicles soon.

For feedback or requests, please send an e-mail at

-Fixed the color selection bug
-Fixed problem with level 11
-Improved Tilt(Accelerometer) control sensitivity
-Improved camera reset button, it will also reset vertical angle.
-Fixed environmental bugs
-Improved texture quality of muscle car
-Made more objects breakable (bus stops, telephone booths)
-Fixed problem with underwater effect

-Added exhaust smoke to all vehicles.
-Environment is now breakable(light poles, traffic lights, traffic signs, fences, etc.).
-Added interior side mirrors for trucks, we will add mirrors to most vehicles with further updates.
-Enhanced Vehicle's paint and glass shader with adding reflections.
-Improved visual quality for white van and other vehicles.
-Added traffic signs to roads for sharp turns, closed roads, and speed limit signs.
-New Orange color is added for monster truck.
-Fixed a bug causing vehicle's to jump on waypoints.
-Improved suspension mostly on trucks and other vehicles.
-Added new sound effects for trucks and van (reverse sound)
-Enhanced vehicle crash sound effect and balanced audio effects.
-Fixed crash-model of blue semi-truck
-Modified interior view angle to be more realistic, and improved some vehicles interior quality.
-Improved lightning and textures for environment
-Steering wheels touch radius is increased
-Fixed app crashes and app hangs, improved app stability.
-Performance improvements


Delivery Simulator ScreenshotDelivery Simulator ScreenshotDelivery Simulator ScreenshotDelivery Simulator ScreenshotDelivery Simulator ScreenshotDelivery Simulator ScreenshotDelivery Simulator ScreenshotDelivery Simulator Screenshot

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