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Have you tried to figure out expenses between your roommates? Who bought the milk this week? Who paid for electricity last month? How much do you owe for the cable bill?

What about a trip you've taken with your friends? You paid for the rental car, but someone else paid for the hotel. Who owes how much and to whom?

Divvy Up lets you split expenses between friends, roommates, family, colleagues and keeps track of expenses so you don't have to!

Contact me any time if you find bugs or have feature requests at support@divvyup.info. Definitely contact me before you rate this app less than 5 stars! I'll see what I can do to make your experience better.

Note: I'm looking for volunteers to translate this app into your local language. Mail me : support@divvyup.info

1. Manage multiple events
2. Add contacts from your phone book
3. Add expenses
4. Split expenses evenly or unevenly. (John ate more than Tim, so he owes more)
5. Minimize the number of payments required
6. Pin events directly to your home screen for easy access
7. Back up expenses to OneDrive
8. Email a summary to your friends

Other languages:
Italian : Thanks to Dorian Ikonomi for translation.

What's new?
v1.3.1.5 (January 2015)
1. Serious bug-fix related to backup-restore for European countries (Please back up your expenses again after installing the update)
2. Minor bug fix related to crash on reopening app after sleep.


Divvy Up ScreenshotDivvy Up ScreenshotDivvy Up ScreenshotDivvy Up ScreenshotDivvy Up ScreenshotDivvy Up ScreenshotDivvy Up ScreenshotDivvy Up Screenshot

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