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Need to track your vehicle mileage for work or charitable tax purposes? Or, do you just want to keep track of when, where, and how you or your whole family use your cars? Want to keep track of how much you are spending on fuel or other expenses? Maybe, you just want to track when you hike, bike or travel in any way?
If you are looking for an App to do any of this, then Easy Auto Log™ is for you. It can help you do it easier and faster. Why settle for a less powerful App when Easy Auto Log™ is free!
We want to make capturing this information as easy and simple as possible. You can use any of the vehicles we supply or your can make your own. You can manage any and all supporting data such as mileage rates, locations or other helpful data to make data capture simple. You can choose to track mileage manually by just entering a distance, or you can have the app calculate a distance between any two locations, or easiest yet, you can have Easy Auto Log track your every move automatically. Even if your phone is turned off or is being used for other purposes.
Your phone is always with you and with its built-in GPS, simply

Tap, to start a trip. You choose your vehicle, tracking type and you are recording! Tap again to stop recording and mark your current location. Tap to start again. Track as many legs as you wish on any trip! You can go back and review where you have been at any time! Each leg can be given a different purpose and mileage rate if you wish. Your current position and route is always displayed including elevation, trip time, direction and speed!

Stopping for fuel? Getting the car fixed? Tracking vehicle costs? Record your purchase while you’re at the pump. We track your odometer readings by vehicle and record your fuel use, fuel efficiency automatically for you.

Free Features
Automatic tracking, distance calculation and manual distance are all supported
View all your past recorded trips. Right on your phone.
Advanced phone settings! GPS location tracking, Speech Recognition, app Theme colors, map tracking configuration.
Track expenses by vehicle!
Multiple Currencies! Set app’s default currency, set different default by Trip or vehicle. Change it on any record.
Free Email synchronization! Send your data records to any email account and include images and data in CSV format.

Easy. Free. Powerful.

Low Cost Upgrade Options — and no monthly fees!

Power users who want more storage and reporting options use one or more of these upgrade products.

Cloud Archive! Save all your images and data in a single location on your cloud storage service. Opens in Excel, perfect for those with minimum reporting requirements.

Want even more? Automatically synchronize your phone’s data with the robust Easy Expense Tracker™ companion application on your PC or tablet. Manage records, produce reports, Word documents, PDF files, expense reports. This app duo gives you the easiest way to capture, manage, and archive your trip and receipt records.

Two Sync Upgrade Options — use one or both!
These sync options let you synchronize multiple phone app records into a single database for your business or family.

Cloud Synchronization! Exchange record data with Easy Expense Tracker™ via your cloud account. Import directly into the companion application whenever you like, from wherever you are.

WiFi Synchronization! Easiest option for collecting your data, and the safest. Stay local! Use your own secure network to transfer your data. No Internet required. Walk in the door, and if the apps are running, Easy Receipt Log downloads automatically the minute your devices get within ‘talking’ distance!
Version 2.5.0
Added more currency conversion types
Added last used vehicle as new start vehicle on next trip as this is usually the case.

Version 2.4.1
Added new car parking tracking feature that tells you how far from your parked car you are, how much time is left on the meter and ability to record a receipt.
Added new maintenance receipt capture for tracking things like oil changes.
Added new toll road receipt capture for tracking tolls and fees while driving.
Modified data page to include expenses, Vehicle management, Fuel use graphs, Waypoint editing, and grids for reviewing all captured expense data.
Updated the Vehicle editing to include type, group, and fuel type by each vehicle.
Updated waypoint tracking so that when a trip is completed the nearest known waypoint is always defaulted as the destination. Makes life easy for those who visit the same places.
Fixed issue with OneDrive archive only product purchase.


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