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It is amazing that you can improve your job skills with a fraction of time and money. Also, you can learn it at anytime and anywhere.

Why learn the new features on your own if you can easily take our Microsoft Excel 2010 training course to master the new version of the most popular spreadsheet program used worldwide.

The self-pace Excel 2010 training videos are cost-effective since everything you need to learn with is included in the course so you do not have to spend extra money on additional materials. We have certified instructors teaching our Microsoft Excel 2010 training course so that you get a quality and comprehensive education. After learning from our self-study Excel 2010 training videos, you will be a more knowledgeable professional and be able to use your skills to enhance your computer skills.

Some topics are listed here:

1.2 The interface of Excel 2010
1.3 Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
1.4 Understanding the status bar
1.5 Using built-in Help system
1.6 Using simple keyboard keys to move around
1.7 Using Zoom-in and Mini toolbar
2.2 Performing basic operations: edit, move, copy and delete
2.3 Adding comments to the cell
2.4 Sorting function
2.5 Manipulating multiple worksheets
2.6 Splitting windows and freezing panes
2.7 Protecting your worksheets
2.8 Using Print Review
2.9 Save a worksheet
2.10 Drag/Drop, Spelling check, Find, Select, Printing
3.1 Change fonts and font styles
3.2 Change number format settings
3.3 Adjust row height and column width
3.4 Hide/unhide rows and columns
3.5 Applying Borders, Shading and Gradient Fill
3.6 Use Cell Formatting
4.1 Use Formulas
4.2 Entering Formulas
4.3 Using Sum formulas
4.4 Using Sum, Average and SumIF Function
4.5 Using AutoSum and Max Function
5.1 Insert pictures
5.2 Edit pictures
5.3 Use SmartArt
5.4 Insert shapes
5.5 Capturing a Screenshot
5.6 Overlapping, grouping,& hiding graphics


Easy Excel 2010 ScreenshotEasy Excel 2010 ScreenshotEasy Excel 2010 ScreenshotEasy Excel 2010 ScreenshotEasy Excel 2010 ScreenshotEasy Excel 2010 Screenshot

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