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Just a touch away and you will learn the skills of using Flash animation and interactive video. You can learn at anytime and at anywhere without the need of Internet nor WiFi Access.

Adobe Flash CS4 is bringing new functions and features designed to make creating Flash animations and movies easier than ever. Get a jumpstart on the new changes by choosing the self-paced Flash CS4 training app. Instead of struggling through all of the changes on your own, use this course to learn with the help of a certified instructor.

You'll watch instructor-led videos and get to see Flash CS4 in action. There's simply no better way to get Adobe Flash training than right on your own Windows phone.

Flash Basics
1.1 Creating a Flash Document
1.2 Reviewing the Interface
1.3 Managing the Workspace

Getting Started
2.1 Creating Shapes
2.2 Using the Primitive Tools
2.3 Drawing with Pen, Pencil and Line Tools
2.4 Editing Shapes
2.5 Using the Selection Tools
2.6 Managing Color and Gradients
2.7 Importing Files

3.0 Managing the Timeline
3.1 Using Scenes
3.2 Managing Frames and Keyframes
3.3 Managing Layers
3.4 Copying and Pasting

4.0 Managing Symbols
4.1 Creating a Symbol
4.2 Managing Symbols
4.3 Using Masks

5.0 Adding Animation
5.1 Using Motion Tweening
5.2 Using Object Motion
5.3 Creating Text Effects
5.4 Overview of ActionScript
5.5 Working with Presets
5.6 Using 3D Tools
5.7 Using the Bones and Art Deco Tools

6.0 Additional Effects
6.1 Adding Sound
6.2 Using the Flash Encoder
6.3 Managing FLVs
6.4 Managing Filters
6.5 Managing Blends

7.0 Testing and Publishing
7.1 Testing Your Movie and Elements
7.2 Exporting and Publishing Your Movie
7.3 Setting Preferences


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