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Now, you have the chance to get familiar with 3D animation techniques using NewTek Lightwave program. You can learn these techniques at anytime and anywhere at a fraction of your time and money.

This training guides you through Lightwave 3D version 8 allowing you to maximize your productivity and easily create high quality graphics, stunning images and one of a kind animations and effects.

1.0 Getting started with Lightwave 3D
1.1 Introduction to Lightwave 3D
1.2 Launching Lightwave Modeler and Layout programs

2.0 Modeler Interface and Work Area
2.1 Working with Toolbars and submenus
2.2 Choosing Viewports Settings and Options
2.3 Working with Vertex Maps
2.4 Understanding the Tips Window

3.0 Modeler Advanced Techniques
3.1 Using Modeler to Create Objects in Multiple Layers
3.2 Working with Vertex Maps

4.0 Modeler Tools
4.1 Using Bump Mapping Options
4.2 Creating Text
4.3 Creating an Interesting Logo by Extruding the Font
4.4 How to Apply Surface Features to Objects
4.5 Working with the Bevel and Smooth Shift Tools

5.0 Layout Interface
5.1 Overview of Layout Workarea
5.2 Lighting Properties of Layout

6.0 Creating a project using Modeler and Layout
6.1 Modeling a windmill
6.2 Working with Surface Settings and Objects
6.3 Adding Motion to Objects
6.4 Adding a Colorful Backdrop (rendering)


Easy LightWave3D ScreenshotEasy LightWave3D ScreenshotEasy LightWave3D ScreenshotEasy LightWave3D ScreenshotEasy LightWave3D Screenshot

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