Easy Photoshop CS4


Photoshop is not hard if you know how to use it. Now, you have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the most powerful Photoshop software in the market.

This training app is designed to help you learn the essential skill of using Photoshop Editing in a few hours at your comfortable environment.

You are completely in charge of how you progress through the self-paced Photoshop CS4 training. If you want to take your time, you can work through each Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial as slowly as you want. If you prefer to work faster, the Photoshop training adapts to meet your faster pace. No matter what speed you use, the Adobe Photoshop CS4 tutorial allows you to learn on your terms.


Reviewing the Workspace

1.1 Reviewing What's New
1.2 Browsing the Tools 

1.3 Reviewing the Menus

1.4 Configuring Preferences

1.5 Using Views, Guides and Snap Settings

1.6 Editing Presets

Getting Started

2.1 Opening Images

2.2 Creating a New File

2.3 Including File Information

2.4 Cropping an Image 

2.5 Changing Color Modes and Transparency

2.6 Resizing an Image or Canvas

2.7 Using Zoom and the Hand Tool

2.8 Adding Text

Additional Editing and Styles

3.1 Using the Ruler Tool 

3.2 Reviewing the Selection Tools

3.3 Using the Healing Tools

3.4 Using Dodge, Burn and Sponge

Making Adjustments

4.1 Using Auto Settings

4.2 Reviewing Variations

4.3 Scaling and Rotating Items

4.4 Changing Skew and Distorting

4.5 Changing Perspective and Warping

Adding Style

5.1 Adding Shadows

5.2 Adding Glows

5.3 Creating Overlays

5.4 Blending Images

Exporting Photoshop Items

6.1 Slicing Graphics

6.2 Managing Slices

6.3 Saving Slices for Web

6.4 Saving a File

6.5 Saving for Web

6.6 Printing an Image


Easy Photoshop CS4 ScreenshotEasy Photoshop CS4 ScreenshotEasy Photoshop CS4 ScreenshotEasy Photoshop CS4 Screenshot

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