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Run your own business? Fill out company expense reports? Record your personal expenses? Have a box full of old receipts that you need to organize and archive?
Hate the entire expense tracking, receipt saving, tax accounting process? Of course you do!

Solution: put this app and your phone to work for you. This is the app you've been waiting for.

You don't want or need a full on accounting system. You want an alternative to your employer's mandated phone app. But, you want a simple, powerful, easy-to-use, complete receipt and document tracking system to finally get yourself organized.

Easy Receipt Log™ makes it easy, on the road and on the go! If it isn't easy, you won't use it. You know that, we know that.

Your phone is always with you. With its built-in camera and GPS, simply

1. Tap to capture a Receipt.

2. Tap to select or add key information (use your own, custom, drop-down menus).

That’s it, you’re done! Any receipt, pay check, or important documents are now captured on your phone. Send your record to your email, your cloud service, or sync your records automatically with Easy Expense Tracker™.

Free Features

Power up! Personalize. Customize. Maximize your efficiency. You’re in control, not the app’s tech or design. Organize your expenses to fit your life style and reporting needs.

Organize! Capture Receipts by Date or any Trip you define. Use simple menus to view and manage records — edit, add, delete, send, and sync! View details by image (Image Gallery) or table (My Trips).

Multiple Currencies! Set app’s default currency, set different default by Trip. Change it on any record.

Tip Calculator! Use the Tip Calculator (set defaults, change on the fly). Set Currency type, Tip percent, adjust tip to round (makes cash payments and split bills easier), and calculate bill split amounts (help your friends out!).

Save input time! Create your own, specific drop-down menu options for expense Categories, expense Category Types, Payment Types, and Companies.

Advanced phone settings! GPS location tracking, Speech Recognition, app Theme colors.

Free Email synchronization! Send your data records to any email account and include images and data in CSV format.

Easy. Free. Powerful.

Low Cost Upgrade Options — and no monthly fees!

Power users who want more storage and reporting options use one or more of these solutions.

Cloud Archive! Save all your images and data in a single location on your cloud storage service. Opens in Excel, perfect for those with minimum reporting requirements.

Want even more? Automatically synchronize your phone’s data with the robust Easy Expense Tracker™ companion application on your PC or tablet. Manage records, produce reports, Word documents, PDF files, expense reports. This app duo gives you the easiest way to capture, manage, and archive your receipt records.

Two Sync Upgrade Options — use one or both!
These sync options let you synchronize multiple phone app records into a single database for your business or family.

Cloud Synchronization! Exchange record data with Easy Expense Tracker™ via your cloud account. Import directly into the companion application whenever you like, from wherever you are.

Wi-Fi Synchronization! Easiest option for collecting your data, and the safest. Stay local! Use your own secure network to transfer your data. No Internet required. Walk in the door, and if the apps are running, Easy Receipt Log downloads automatically the minute your devices get within ‘talking’ distance!
Version 2.1.0
Added Statistic page that lets you review all captured information in easy to understand graphs and charts
Added Recurring page that lets you manage recurring expense and income type templates. These templates can then be applied using a start date and number of occurrences to create new receipts.
Added the ability to create a template from any existing or new receipt.


Easy Receipt Log ScreenshotEasy Receipt Log ScreenshotEasy Receipt Log ScreenshotEasy Receipt Log ScreenshotEasy Receipt Log ScreenshotEasy Receipt Log ScreenshotEasy Receipt Log ScreenshotEasy Receipt Log Screenshot

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