Easy Word 2010


Now, you have a chance to learn Microsoft Word 2010 at anytime and anywhere with a fraction of your time and money. Most importantly, you can apply what you learn into own work or project right away.

Getting Started with Word 2010
1.1 Word 2010 New Enhancements
1.2 Word 2010 Operating Environment
1.3 Quick Access Toolbar
1.4 Status Area
1.5 Word Help
Working with First Document
2.1 Opening and Creating New Documents
2.2 Inserting Text and Date/Time
2.3 Document Views and Navigation Pane
2.4 Saving and Protecting Documents
2.5 Saving to Other Format and Closing Document
2.6 Working with Document Properties
2.7 Sharing a Document Using E-Mail
Editing and Formatting Documents
3.1 Moving and Copying Text
3.2 Moving and Copying Several Selections
3.3 Find and Search
3.4 Setting Character Format
3.5 Setting Paragraph Format
3.6 Setting Additional Options Using Action(Smart Tags)
Managing Page Layout and Print
4.1 Page Breaks and Section Breaks
4.2 Header and Footer
4.3 Page Numbers
4.4 Page layout
4.5 Print Documents
Adding Graphics and Multimedia to Documents
5.1 Adding Pictures
5.2 Adding Textbox
5.3 Insert WordArt
5.4 Insert SmartArt
5.5 Adding shapes to SmartArt
Adding Tables and Charts to Documents
6.1 Creating a Custom Table
6.2 Applying Borders and Shadings to the Table
6.3 Changing text, cell size, row and column in the Table
6.4 Sort the contents of a table
6.5 Convert between Table and Text
6.6 Creating Charts
Working with Technical Documents
7.1 Insert Building Blocks using Quick Parts
7.2 Insert and Create AutoText
7.3 Utilize Research feature to write paper
7.4 Create a Bookmark
7.5 Create an Index
7.6 Create, modify and format Footnotes and Endnotes
7.7 Create a Table of Contents
7.8 Add captions to the tables and figures
7.9 Insert table of figures
7.10 Insert Symbol and Add Equation

8 Creating Mail Merge Documents

9 Using Macros and Fields to automate tasks


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