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Electrical Calculator is all what you need to achieve your tasks in Electric class room or use it when design components it includes the following features :-

1-Color Code Calculator: calculate based on colors on resistance and calculate also tolerance

2- Resistance Calculator: calculate a complex expression between parallel and series resistance also give you ability to type resistance in Kilo or mega ohm

3-Ohms law: calculate any two of the following power, Resistance, Voltage or current

4-RMS/Average:Calculate peak to peak or RMS or average voltage and current for sine or square waves.

5-Decibel Mode: calculate output or input or Decibel for both voltage and power

6- Reactance mode : calculate inductive (XL, Freq, inductance L) or Capacitive (XC, Freq, capacitance C)

Trial Mode only supports two Modes;
1- Color Code
2- Ohms Law

If you want to translate to your language or have better translation please contact me mohab123@gmail.com
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Electrical Calculator ScreenshotElectrical Calculator ScreenshotElectrical Calculator ScreenshotElectrical Calculator ScreenshotElectrical Calculator Screenshot

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