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Fedora Reader is a fast, minimalist RSS feed reader for Windows and Windows Phone. It lets you add your own feeds, or choose from a list of curated feeds.

Since RSS feeds typically contain truncated articles, Fedora Reader can extract the from most articles so you can read the article without having to leave the app. However, if you want to read an article in the browser, you can do so easily from the sidebar.

Fedora Reader lets you mark articles as Favorite, so you never have to go searching for that one article you liked.

Download the Windows version of Fedora Reader and have your feed list automatically sync between devices.
--Added "Fix article" button to try to fix an article when it isn't displaying properly
-Bug fixes
--Fix for crashing when marking an article as read when launched from a secondary tile
--Other bug fixes
-Bug fixes
--Fix for crash sometimes when refreshing feeds
--Fix for lead image not showing up in The Verge articles
--Other bug fixes
--Can now pin a tile for individual feeds
--There's now an "All" section to view all your feeds
--Articles are only cached for length set in settings
--You can now show images in the article list
--You can now choose to update feeds on launch
-Bug fixes
--Fix for some crashes when importing/exporting feeds
--Fix for full articles not loading
--Performance improvements
-Bug fixes
--Fix for font-size slider not adjusting the font size until you opened a new article.
-Bug fixes
--Fix for unread counter not updating when marking all items as read
--Fix for "Mark as read" button showing instead of the "Mark as unread" button
--Added Black Theme
--Added Import and Export feeds option
-Bug fixes
--Fix for unread items not staying unread
--Enter button now triggers add feed when adding a feed via URL
--Made the sidebar opening via swipe more consistent
--Other fixes
-Bug fixes
---Fix for devices with on-screen buttons
---Fix for deleted feeds not staying deleted
---Other fixes
-Bug fixes
-Initial Release

Additional features coming soon . . .


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