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Now enjoy BMI(Body mass Index) with heartbeat in one app. We added BMI calculator in our most helpful heartbeat app. Now you can measure your obesity or weight category with BMI Index. We added health tips as well to stay healthy.

Our original Heart beat rate monitor is an innovative windows phone application which measures and monitor and display heart beat rate in BPM by using phone’s internal sensors. Heart beat rate monitor generates the data with the use of complex mathematics and statistical calculations of sensor data. It can give nearly accurate data like medical instrument. And no external instruments or hardware device required! So use it anywhere and at any time. Live electrocardiograph on phone screen display which will surely excite you.

You can use pulse rate for checking your activeness, sickness, fitness, mood, health etc. Measure it on different time for knowing and improving your efficiency. Or you can use it for fun at any time.
App will save your recent, hourly, daily and monthly readings. So you can analyse changes in your heart rate with these reports. Even you can compare how your heart rate changes in morning and evening or during day and night in winter and summer etc.
Try below listed fantastic ways to use this app.
* Measure BPM (Beats per minute)
* Test your heart beat rate before and after food.
* Compare your heart rate at office, home and other places.
* Check heart rate level when crying!
* Heart Beat comparison with your friends.
* Try this app as vibration monitor and measurement.
* Try to measure change in your heart beat rate while drinking a cup of tea.
* Compare your heart rate before and after exercise, Yoga, Cycling, Running etc.
* Display live ECG /EKG (electrocardiograph)
* One screen reading and ECG,
* It’s really free
* No camera and flashlight required.
* Working instruction will display on screen.

WARNING: Don’t assume that BPM displayed on screen are 100% accurate. It may vary depends on device accuracy. This is for fun only. Don’t take any serious health decision without your doctor’s advice. Also some results show that keeping your phone near chest may cause breast cancer so it’s advisable that don't keep it there for long time.
Added BMI calculator.
Added Tips to stay healthy.
Improved user interface.


Heart Beat Rate Monitor ScreenshotHeart Beat Rate Monitor ScreenshotHeart Beat Rate Monitor ScreenshotHeart Beat Rate Monitor ScreenshotHeart Beat Rate Monitor ScreenshotHeart Beat Rate Monitor Screenshot

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