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QR Scanner+ is the best choice for QR codes.
Developed for easy, fast and convenient use.

* Auto scanning
* Continuous scanning
* Auto focus on app start
* Touch focus on screen
* Focus with camera button
* Focus light (individually adjustable for touch and camera button)
* Continuous AutoFocus
* Scan area Limitation
* Rapid Scan Mode
* QR code Reader (from images)
* Result in thumbfriendly area
* Result: save, copy, detailed view, browse links, search text
* Useful scan results; easy understandable
* Webpage title recognition
* Several AutoLaunch options (WPstore, SMS, calendar,...)
* Abiltiy to read corrupted Windows Phone Store links
* AutoLaunch toggle button in app header for fast On/Off
* Detailed view with additional options
* RAW view, shows original QR code content
* Neat catalogue with filters, for saved scan results
* Many settings to customize the app behaviour
* Create QR codes with QR Generator

* Calendar event (vEvent)
* Contact (vCard, meCard, bizCard)
* eMail address and eMail message
* GeoLocation (Nokia Here apps integration)
* Link (differentiation: WPstore, YouTube, Amazon, ...)
* Phone number
* Text
* WiFi
* SEPA (Giro Code)

* barcodes

QR Scanner+ reads everything inside a 2D code and barcode!
If somthing doesnt fit the recognition logic, then its shown as Text.
In that case, please copy the scan result and send it to me as suggestion, thanks.
App > settings > about > Contact
I´ll try to add a recognition for that ;-)

Newest features and full ChangeLog:
App > settings > about > ChangLog

Information about used capabilities:
App > settings > about > App Transparency

- - - - - - - - -
This Version is just to trigger the store for another update.
Some users can't install update due to a Windows Store issue.
Infortunately this is a known issue and affects a few other apps too.
Hopefully the store gets it right this time. Good luck!

BugFix @ saving to catalog from Picture reader

Changed DateTime handling @ CalendarEvent recognition

- Critical BugFix @ launching links
- Changed default ScanSpeed
- Minor optimizations and BugFixes

- Added recognition for 'mailto:' (URL encoding)
- Added license info @ about
- Optimized recognition-algorithm
- Fixes @ light theme

- Added Rapid Scan / see settings
- Added interaction with QR Generator
- Added continuous AutoFocus / see settings
- Added customizable tile / see settings
- Added SEPA (Giro Code) recognition
- BugFixes


QR Scanner+ ScreenshotQR Scanner+ ScreenshotQR Scanner+ ScreenshotQR Scanner+ ScreenshotQR Scanner+ ScreenshotQR Scanner+ ScreenshotQR Scanner+ ScreenshotQR Scanner+ Screenshot

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