Moon 3D


Fascinating 3D view of the earth's moon and its current lunar phase.

Helpful and nice app for all astronomers, fishermen, hunters, werewolfs and space travellers and those who want to become one.

Interested in the moon? This app is for you. Find out the Moon Sign of your birth.

- Best rated moon app for Windows Phone worldwide
- Live-Tile with Moon Sign and rise and set times

- Calendar view with moon phases
- Add reminders for Full or New Moon to the windows phone calendar (WP8 only)
- Shows rise/set times of the sun and the moon

- See the far side of the moon in Explore-Mode
- Find the direction and height of the moon with the integrated compass
- Customize your own design with the built-in design-editor

- Czech by Jan
- Dutch by Edwin, Karel and Mischa
- French by Fred
- Greek by Costas
- Hungarian by Adrienn
- Italian by Dave and Enrico
- Polish by Adam
- Portuguese by Guilherme
- Russian by Mike and Михаил
- Turkish by Ekrem and Uğurcan

If you don't like updates, please do not load Moon 3D because this app is frequently updated.
This keeps you from frustration and saves me from a bad review.

version 3.7.4:
- fixed a bug in calculation of moon set time where it wasn't displayed when moon set occured near midnight and timezone was negative (many thanks to Scott D.)
- fixed Dutch translation (many thanks to Ujjesh J.)

version 3.7.3:
- fixed some layout issues
- corrected some translations

version 3.7.2:
- added missing translation
- fixed a bug in calendar view (many thanks to Balazs N.)
- corrected some minor layout issues
- fixes some other small issues

version 3.7.1:
- fixed a crash in calendar view (many thanks to Reed for reporting the issue)
- fixed a bug in location settings screen

version 3.7.0:
- updated visuals in calendar view
- smoother scrolling in calendar view
- added display of 'lunar day' and added corresponding setting
- improved visuals of sun and moon in compass view
- added new icons (calendar, etc.)
- added 'reset'-button in date and coordinate settings
- more bugfixes

version 3.6.9:
- some corrections in conjunction with the "ask before exit" function
- corrected drawing error on app startup
- livetile layout optimized

version 3.6.8:
- minor corrections on livetile layout (many thanks to Harald A.)
- added option to turn "ask before exit" on or off and improved animation when leaving app and "ask before exit" is turned on
- moon age was not displayed uniform throughout the app

version 3.6.7:
- added wide livetile size
- set default for "ask at exit" to off
- fixed message when GPS is turned off on the phone

version 3.6.6:
- improved message, when GPS is deactivated
- when switching GPS off inside the app the last valid location is remembered
- added small livetile size
- make sun and moon in compass view better visible when they are below the horizon (many thanks to Ujjesh)

version 3.6.5:
- calendar now allows (again) to set appointments for new moon, first quarter moon, full moon and third quarter moon (many thanks to Ujjesh)


Moon 3D ScreenshotMoon 3D ScreenshotMoon 3D ScreenshotMoon 3D ScreenshotMoon 3D ScreenshotMoon 3D ScreenshotMoon 3D ScreenshotMoon 3D Screenshot

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