MyNiño is a multiplatform application that helps parents to track their child’s GPS location, Dialed/Received Calls, Incoming/Outgoing SMSs straight on their smartphones. MyNiño also allows parents to Geo-fence Child’s device by setting the radius for child’s device. For more details before downloading MyNiño application, please visit

Parent application receives notifications and reports of Child’s Calls, SMSs, and Location. Parent can manage settings to receive reports/notifications from their application without accessing child app installed on child’s device. MyNiño is cross-platform application that connects Parent & Child on similar or different platforms.

NOTE: To receive the Incoming/Outgoing Calls & SMSs reports on Windows 8 device, the child application will require to be installed on other platforms. If child is using Windows 8, then parent will only be able to track child’s location & Geo-fence details

Using MyNiño, Parent can get the below reports when child app is running on Child’s smartphone,
1. Dialed/Received Calls reports (Child device other then Windows 8)
2. Incoming/Outgoing SMSs of reports (Child device other then Windows 8)
3. Child’s visited Locations reports
4. Locations visited by child breaking Geo-fence reports

Steps to run MyNiño:
1. Download parent application from Windows 8 store
2. Install the parent app on parent’s device & register
3. Download Child application from
4. Install child application on Child device. After installation, child device auto detects device IMEI/Device ID
5. Send child IMEI/Device ID to Parent via SMS or Email.
6. In Parent app, add Child by selecting Child device platform & adding Child’s IMEI/Device ID number & Name
7. After adding child details, make child report settings.
8. Once above steps are completed, parent will be able to receive and view reports

For support, write us on
- Track your Child’s Contact
- Add Child’s Contact to your Phonebook


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