The easiest to use photo sharing app for your event & your guests!

Picturex collects all photos from you and your guests and saves them in a private photo album to never forget those magical moments.

Picturex is the photo app for busy people who love their photos. It’s simply the best way to achieve speed, privacy and high quality when exchanging your images - either on the go or when the event has passed. Here’s what makes Picturex the go to app for smart device photographers:

You can create photo albums (known as PicEx on Picturex) and upload selected pictures to them in just a few clicks.

Share images in private. Don’t want everyone on your regular social app to see every detail of your life, but want to share memories with those who were part of them? You invite who you want to view the albums in your photo library and furthermore they can contribute to albums that they have been invited to, making your Picturex album the central resource for memories of that fantastic night out or holiday.

Maintain high quality with your image upload. No unnecessary blurriness when you share pictures from that important business event or that unforgettable capture from the concert.

Once you have downloaded the free app and logged in via your existing Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Yammer account you are ready to go.

Start by creating your PicEx (photo album) – this could be for a city trip, an art exhibition, a work presentation, a wedding... the possibilities are endless.

Next up you can invite your friends, relatives, colleagues – it’s all your choice again – to join the PicEx. They can view all of the pictures in that PicEx and contribute their own images to it if they wish. Invitations can be sent via QR code, PIN, email, social networks, etc.

When it comes to uploading pictures you have two choices. If you want to upload pictures quickly Picturex will automatically suggest photos to be uploaded during a set event. Not only does this prevent distractions to you when you’re enjoying yourself, it lets your invited audience see proceedings unfold in real time – making Picturex an ideal event app for social animals.

Alternatively – if you want to take time to review your photos and pick out the best – you can upload manually to your PicEx at any time during and after the event.

With the photos uploaded, your invited friends can view and “like” them. They can also download pictures so that they have free images of a fantastic event to cherish.

The more people you introduce to Picturex, the more people use it to share their images too and of course you can enjoy the benefits that come with being invited to join a PicEx and get free credits if you invite others.

Picturex is brought to you by MIT Innovation AG – an experienced and innovative team responsible for a string of popular apps. MIT Innovation AG is based in Switzerland, therefore Picturex carries that long standing seal of quality - “Swiss Made”.

The app has been designed to help users manage how their photos are shared, taking into account ease of use, privacy and quality. From intimate engagements to busy festivals and from laid back vacations to action packed adventures, Picturex is an excellent way to capture the essence of the key moments in your life and to share them with the key people.

Picturex is available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android, with a web version in development.

Picturex is free to use. With every PicEx created you can use an album with 200 pictures for seven days, which will be deleted after 14 days to guarantee the privacy of your pictures. You can however use the Picturex credit system to make PicEx extensions – such as being able to upload even more pictures and keep the pictures longer. Credits, which can be bought in-app, are reasonably priced and such purchases go towards the continued development and support of the app. When you log-in the first time into Picturex, you even get enough free credits to try all of the available credits.

The data provided at registration is only used for authentication. Picturex will not post anything on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else without your permission, and will never share your information with third parties. You can delete Picturex and any linked data at any time. Pictures are (by default) automatically deleted from our servers after 14 days.

Keep up to date with Picturex on Facebook, Twitter, or on our blog. And feel free to send feedback and suggestions to info@picturexapp.com. More info: www.picturexapp.com
We made Picturex even more stable and easier to use on your Windows Phone!


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