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Salat Times for All Places in the World- A Unique App on Play Store with lot of Features. No Country/City setting required. A call for prayer for all Muslims.

This app helps us to say our Daily Prayers on time, 5-times a day. When you open this app it will get your location and shows prayer times of that location just set Calculation Method and Juristic Method according your needs. It means where ever you are, you can know the prayer times of that place.
You can set alarm of either azan or voice message. We have added Daylight Saving option also to help our users. If there is slight difference in times, you can adjust it by clicking on that prayer and also can set Auto silent option from there.

> Prayer times of Any Place.
> No Need to set Place Manually.
> Nice and friendly interface.
> Set Adhan Alarm OR Voice Alarm by tapping on single icon.
> Prayer times Calculation methods are added, can select your desired.
> Next prayer time will be highlighted

Important Note:

As we have got emails of having 1 hour time difference in our app in some countries and also there is no such app that can calculate all world places prayer time correctly that why we could not handle it for all, so please once compare this app prayer time with following link or from any Mosque near to you. If there is difference, then add/sub those minutes in daylight saving option in setting page. It will correct time for all prayer.
If still you are finding any issue in time please contact us on following mail address, we will love to solve your any problem related to our app.

Email for Time Correction:

Method for Email:
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Calculation Method:
* Time Problem solved in UK and USA and their nearest countries. There are still some countries that has 1 hour difference. Please remove that difference by using Daylight Saving option in the setting page and once compare time with this link in your country/city.
* Ask from us if you still feel any issue


Prayer Time ScreenshotPrayer Time ScreenshotPrayer Time ScreenshotPrayer Time ScreenshotPrayer Time ScreenshotPrayer Time ScreenshotPrayer Time ScreenshotPrayer Time Screenshot

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