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Problem Sleeping? Rain O Rain sounds helps to fall asleep fast! .Escape restless nights Over 60 high quality ambient sounds included that aid sleep, block distractions, isolate and create relaxed environment, mask Tinnitus (ringing of the ears) and melts away stress in no time. Equally beneficial for adults, kids and babies. Choose to play White Noise – Appliances Sounds - Nature Sounds to sooth your crying baby to sleep. Soothing Ambiance creates perfect sound scape for meditation, SPA’s and Practicing Yoga.
- 60 high quality sounds for sleep – Relax – blocking out noise
- Night time sleep clock with 10 color themes (portrait / landscape both view )
- Sleep timer

Embrace Nature Ocean waves, rainforest animals, thunderstorms, and rain sounds can all be pleasant sounds to fall asleep to. Natural noises are less likely to annoy us than some other sounds because they usually include fluctuations in amplitude and frequency.

Rain O Rain can make a stressful mood just disappear. Relieves stress soothes headaches and migraines. Ambient sounds of the environment helps you to relax during the day and sleep great at night.

Relaxing 90 pleasant sounds for work, play and sleep.

Weather: Beach soundscape, Hailstorm, Rain in gutter, Rain on Tin roof, Rainforest, Rainstorm,Sea waves, thunder cracks and heavy wind

Ambience : Children playing, Classroom ambience, frying chicken, Niagara waterfall, Pirate Ship, Slow heartbeat, Soldiers Marching, Swimming Pool ambience, White noise

Baby Sleeping: Fish tank bubbles, Oscillating virtual fan, shower, space heater, spray, virtual dryer, white noise

Featured: battle field, coin count, crisp ocean waves, fire crackling, rain on umbrella, Rain on Windows, Street rain, Thunder & more

Rain: City rain, rain on cement, rain on leaves, rainfall, rainforest drizzle, relaxing rain sound & more

Thunderstorm: Distant thunder, lightning, thunder clap, thunder and rain, thunder shower, thunder strikes, thunderstorm, windy thunder

Water: bubbling fountain, calm sea waves, ocean sound, water droplet, tap water, water bubbles, water stream sound & more

Transportation: Air Plan Fly Over, cargo train, freight train, helicopter, hover craft, motor bike, propeller, tank, urban traffic

Appliances: Electric motor, electric shaver, hair dryer, making espresso, meat slicer, microwave over, paper shredder, popcorn popping, vacuum cleaner

Sleep timer included to control the sound duration so relaxing sound shuts down automatically after specified time.
Feel the difference by Downloading Rain O Rain today for better sleeping tonight!


Rain O Rain Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRain O Rain Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRain O Rain Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRain O Rain Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRain O Rain Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRain O Rain Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRain O Rain Sleep Sounds ScreenshotRain O Rain Sleep Sounds Screenshot

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