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Check out this “revolution”-ary new game! Build and grow your own solar system. Earn new planets, upgrade your star, and defend against the cosmic chaos – comets, asteroids, and more threaten the delicate equilibrium.
Much like the universe, Rare Earth is always expanding (with regular updates and new features). Please feel free to give feedback by email or marketplace review. We're always listening!

This minor revision features marked performance improvements (important if you've got a busy system with lots of planets and satellites!).

This update adds an in-game way to restart your star after it dies. Additionally, spacefaring life can now build satellites, which will automatically harvest matter for you. Finally, it fixes a number of bugs and stability issues.

Nothing lasts forever, not even stars. That's why this update adds stellar evolution. Over time, stars will age and die (and maybe even explode). That may sound gruesome, but it's not without its benefits!
Also, thanks to all our fans for the great feedback. Like all our updates, this one includes tons of additions (new instructions, bigger world, bug fixes and more) that were requested directly by players. Keep sending us email and reviews, and we'll keep giving you a better game!

The pause menu has been redesigned to give a better summary of your solar system. See which planets are too hot or cold and where life is flourishing. There's also a new ability unlocked by upgrading your star!
Known issue: This update caps the number of planets at 12. If you currently have more than 12 planets, you must remove some (by feeding them to your sun) or some planets will not be visible in the pause menu.

This update adds a new maximum life level. Spacefaring life can colonize nearby planets and destroy threats with lasers! Additionally, star upgrades now have the bonus effect of absorbing nearby matter clouds.


Rare Earth ScreenshotRare Earth ScreenshotRare Earth ScreenshotRare Earth ScreenshotRare Earth ScreenshotRare Earth Screenshot

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