MusicConnect is an innovative OneDrive music / audio player that maintains a persistent connection so that long play times for a playlist will stay connected.

Can use folder structure for desired audios to include in playlist. Only displays files that are audio type (mp3, wma, etc.). Maximum of 2000 audio files allowed in one folder.

Has 'search' feature to look for songs (audios) with matching Title, Artist, Album, or Genre values in the metadata of the song file.

Simply tap on the folder to select all of the songs in the folder or any sub folders. Or select any of the songs in the folder to be included in a simple folder playlist.

You can also create and edit multiple playlists from searching for songs by Title, Album, or Artist, then select any playlist to be the current playlist. Access Playlists from Now Playing screen. Optional shuffling of playlist. Combine multiple playlists into one Current Playlist.

If any image file (jpg, png, etc.) is found in the folder that the playing song is in, it will be displayed as the album art. If the song has embedded art, it will display instead.

Save custom playlists from any currently playing list.

Download playlists (song files and album art) and play them locally. Downloads are done in background and there can be multiple playlists downloading at the same time.

Backup or restore playlists to or from your OneDrive.

Set custom background image to appear on all views.

Settings now include having buttons be the device Accent Color and optionally reversing the color of the text and icons.

MusicConnect uses the metadata stored in audio file to display in the folder list and now playing views, including artist, album, song title, and genre.

Flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audios supported for downloaded (Offline) playlists.

Pin custom playlists to Start Menu via Edit Playlist view.

See music collection sorted by Song, Album, or Artist with quick navigation using first letter tiles.

Shared For Me folders and audios now accessible in Folder and Search Lists.


Please send an email if you have any issues or want to request a new feature. We are continuously improving the product and want to respond to your needs.

Version 1.5.7
- Fixed various navigation issues

Version 1.5.6
- Fix issue when in certain circumstances
navigating from the Song View to the
Now Playing view cause an error.

Version 1.5.5
- Fixed resolution issue on Now Playing
view for certain devices.

Version 1.5.4
- Added ability to save current audio to
favorites playlist by pressing button on
the Now Playing view.
- Fixed issue with downloading album art
that is in wrong file format for Windows
- Updated Help

Version 1.5.3
- Combined Now Playing, Current
Playlist, and Choose Playlist into one
pivot page.
- Improved UI layout of Now Playing for
trial version (advertising version) and
paid version. Album art is bigger,
particularly in the paid version (no
- Improved track to track performance.


MusicConnect ScreenshotMusicConnect ScreenshotMusicConnect ScreenshotMusicConnect ScreenshotMusicConnect ScreenshotMusicConnect ScreenshotMusicConnect ScreenshotMusicConnect Screenshot

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