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Professional grade income tax calculator for USA.
TaxMode Pro is made to satisfy the computational needs of a tax planner for quick and comprehensive income tax
calculations or quarterly estimated taxes. Its simple and efficient design makes it equally adaptable by self-planning
individuals. It includes a fully updated version for 2014 tax year. This version also includes tax computations for
2013 and 2012.
● Updated IRS tax forms for references as of April 2014
● New 2013 forms 8959 (Medicare Surtax) and 8960 (Investment Income Tax)
● Estimated tax with 1040ES worksheet & enhanced report
● Automatic selection of applicable tax computations
● Automatic check for AMT applicability and analysis
● Computes Earned Income Credit
● Checks W2 withholding for sufficiency for Estimated tax payments
● Analyze impact of specific deductions
● Supported with details in terms of IRS tax forms
● Summary or detailed data entry options
● Side by side comparison for what-if analysis
● Effective tool for pre-tax return analysis
● Ability to email reports
● Quick summary or detailed data entry
● Tax calculations include-
- Regular income tax
- Tax based on QDCG worksheet
- Self-employment taxes
- Alternative minimum tax
- Lump-sum distribution tax
- Earned Income Credit (EIC)
● Automatic limitation of maximum amounts allowed for -
- Medical expenses
- Investment interest deduction
- Charitable contributions
- Unreimbursed business expenses
- Casualty & theft losses
- Student loan interest deduction
- Tuition & fees deduction
TaxMode can be used with confidence. It is created and supported by Sawhney Systems, a leading developer of
personal financial and tax planning software since 1976
Updated with latest draft of IRS tax forms for 2014. New forms include-
1040 A
1040 D
1040 SE
1040 ES

Tax computations for years 2013 and 2012 continue to be performed using the respective forms applicable in those tax years.


TaxMode Pro 2014 ScreenshotTaxMode Pro 2014 ScreenshotTaxMode Pro 2014 ScreenshotTaxMode Pro 2014 ScreenshotTaxMode Pro 2014 ScreenshotTaxMode Pro 2014 ScreenshotTaxMode Pro 2014 ScreenshotTaxMode Pro 2014 Screenshot

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