Vizilife is the Visual Life Planning Tool for Windows Phone!

Vizilife empowers you to organize and track your tasks, notes, events, projects, questions, pictures, audio notes, the people in your life, and more.

You can keep details of these items on your phone and also set reminders. It is the only personal information management tool you need and makes planning and managing your life a cinch!

What is unique about Vizilife is that it is relational: you can link individual items to each other. For instance, let’s say you have an event planned and you want to keep track of who will be attending. You can link each of those people to the event.

You can later drill-down from the event to the people category and Vizilife will show you everyone linked to that event. Viewing and managing your information in this way is very powerful!

Current features...

★ v2.2: Optimized to WP8, include large tiles
★ v2.2: Tap-hold start button, say “add note” to add a quick, unfiled note
★ v2.2: Navigate through items within a category by using next and previous buttons
★ v2.2: Numerous usability improvements
★ v2.1: Save items to SkyDrive as Word doc's
★ v2.1: Add up to 25 categories with predesigned icons
★ v2.1: Trial functionality allows full access with a limit of 25 records
★ v2.1: Reminder 5, 10, or more min's before due time
★ v2.1: Overdue items shown in red
★ v2.1: More metadata displayed beneath records
★ v2.1: Hide completed items
★ v2.0: Filter data in numerous ways
★ v2.0: Alerts for items not viewed in a while
★ v2.0: Recurring due dates & times
★ v1.4: Intelligent time zone management
★ v1.3: More sort options
★ v1.1: Change categories of items
★ v1.0: Link related items together
★ v1.0: Drill down with a breadcrumb visual
★ v1.0: Password-protect private information
★ v1.0: Pin items to start screen
Reminders were off by an hour, due to daylight savings. The version fixes the problem.


Vizilife ScreenshotVizilife ScreenshotVizilife ScreenshotVizilife ScreenshotVizilife ScreenshotVizilife ScreenshotVizilife ScreenshotVizilife Screenshot

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