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Have you ever been talking with friends or family, and found yourself having to defend capitalism with someone who extolled the goodness of socialism? Are you concerned that a recent poll showed that 53% of democrats expressed a positive view of socialism? Have you explained to others that socialism was not how the founders envisioned our form of government? Have you ever wished that you had a collection of quotes and data that you could use to bolster your position, show the value of capitalism & enlighten your friends? This app puts such a collection of data right at your fingertips.

This app features mostly written (and a couple of audio) quotes from Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, Alexis de Tocqueville, Ludwig von Mises, & even some socialists such as Karl Marx, George Bernard Shaw and Albert Einstein.

Also included, is information regarding Agenda21. The information quotes a number of citations from Agenda21, & includes source links as well. The citations describe the intent & purpose of Agenda21, sustainable development, ICLEI’s objective to encourage communally and collectively owned and managed land, & much more.

This app includes excerpts from this book, with powerful first-hand accounts and insights from immigrants who lived under Socialism and Communism.

All of these quotes have been collected from many sources, and are now found here, in a single, easy to access smartphone app. One can also submit quotes and suggestions from the app. This app is intended to be the absolute best socialism quotes & information app available.

Those who run this app are encouraged to do their own research, & draw their own conclusions.


What Is Socialism ScreenshotWhat Is Socialism ScreenshotWhat Is Socialism ScreenshotWhat Is Socialism ScreenshotWhat Is Socialism ScreenshotWhat Is Socialism ScreenshotWhat Is Socialism ScreenshotWhat Is Socialism Screenshot

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