Where Are They


Always know where your loved ones are!

You can see on a map where your loved ones were the last time their phone uploaded their position (every 30 secs when the app is in the foreground and about every 30 mins when it's closed - or more depending on the phone battery level and such), can get the postal address of where they are and directions to go there, can know when was the last time they sent position, and you can pin a tile per device on the home screen which displays a small map showing the location, so that you know where your loved ones are at a glance. If you need a little privacy you can disable sending your position for a while.

Have you ever freaked out when your loved ones should have came back home hours ago? Being able to direct help wherever they were a short while ago can be life saving, and seeing that they're at a friend's will let you call that friend or just go back to sleep at ease. Note that it's not a spying app: you can't really have it run on someone's device without the person knowing and, as stated above, the person can disable sending their position for a while. It's more of a "safety" app.

* How do I "add" someone? *
To "add" another person, that person would install the app (it can be the trial version) and go, on their phone, in the "settings" page within the app and tap "log in" and from there, use the same login you used on your own phone. Then, the 2 phones will be able to see each other. Phones that are logged in the app using the same Microsoft account can see each others.

The trial version is now supported by ads. The full version doesn't display any ads.


Where Are They ScreenshotWhere Are They ScreenshotWhere Are They ScreenshotWhere Are They ScreenshotWhere Are They ScreenshotWhere Are They ScreenshotWhere Are They Screenshot

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