BBC Podcast Lounge free to early adopters

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We reported during last weekend that the BBC Podcast Lounge application had been updated with the ability to download episodes for offline listening. Well, Richard Castle of Igneous Software (developers of BBC Podcast Lounge) contacted us to let us know that anyone who installed the trial version of the application prior to version 1.3 (released last week) will be offered a free upgrade to the fully paid version.

Richard told us:

a bit of a bonus to all the existing users of the software. An oddity with the way the Marketplace works means that anyone who previously had a version installed actually gets the paid version free. When you click on the buy option, Marketplace says you have bought before and offers to enable the full features for free.

From our perspective, it's a small thank you to the many people who gave us great feedback and reviews since we first launched version 1.0 back in April. It might be worth letting users know. All we ask for those who get it free to tell their friends about it so we can at least recover some of our development costs! ;o)

In my last report, I also mentioned that I'd been looking for automatic downloading of podcasts. If this is a feature you would like too, then Richard had even more good news - automatic downloading is coming soon!

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