How to: Watch Disney+ on Windows 10 Mobile

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We're used to 2020 services not being available to 'ye olde' Windows 10 Mobile, but in fact the new Disney+ streaming system works perfectly on the platform (even though it's not advertised as such). Now, there's a slight caveat in that it runs inside the Edge browser, i.e. it's not an 'app', so you get a browser UI while choosing something to watch, plus Disney+ isn't expecting a phone (even a Lumia 950) with such a relatively slow processor to handle its streams, so the experience isn't exactly snappy. But it does work and you'll be watching Disney+ movies in under 30 seconds from logging in. Who knew? (Certainly not Disney!)

Lumia 950 XL watching Disney+

Obviously it goes without saying that you'll need to be a Disney+ subscriber (we are), which is £5 a month at the time of writing. Which is good value, especially if you have kids!

1. In Edge, go to

Don't be worried if the page loads slowly - remember it's all designed for high speed 2020 devices and, especially through any browser, there are a lot of (not very well optimised) resources flying down the airwaves to be handled.

2. Tap 'Log in' and then enter user name and then password in the usual way


3. Choose your profile (if you have multiple set up, e.g. one for each family member)

Screenshot Screenshot

Again, don't be worried if it takes 20s or so to log in and show the 'home' screen, with all the movies and programmes - this is a very image-heavy system (Disney love their graphics).

4. Tap on a movie to start (or continue) watching it

You'll get a player UI and there will be a 'full screen' control. Amazingly, W10M's Edge and digital rights decryption routines are full compatible with Disney+'s streams!


5. Enjoy your movie!

(token mock-up, since you can't screenshot DRMed video streams!!)

When done, tap the screen and there's a '<' control to get back to the navigation menu (or press Windows 10 Mobile's 'back' control).

6. Save Disney+ as a favourite - or pin it?


Obviously, you can save yourself a little typing in the Edge address bar by pinning the URL to your Start screen or by adding this URL to your Favourites. It's up to you!


I'm sure Disney never envisaged anyone with Windows 10 Mobile watching their content, but hey, as long as they're getting their fiver a month I bet they're happy!

PS. In case you were wondering, no, you can't set this up via PAWA to do away with running all this without the Edge browser in the way - I tried, and Disney+ just shows links to the iOS and Android app stores!