Free Xbox Companion app coming soon

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Microsoft has announced that an Xbox Companion app, designed to help you find, learn more about and control content on your Xbox from your Windows Phone device. The first look at the app came as Microsoft announced a raft of content partners for Xbox, aimed at increasing the amount of content available through Xbox as part of Microsoft's strategy of positioning the Xbox as a living room entertainment hub.

The app has three key use cases as described by the Windows Phone Blog:

  • Finding content - allowing you to browser and search the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
  • Find out more - when playing content you can get additional information (e.g. actor information when watching a movie).
  • Control and play - controlling content playback, effectively acting as a souped up remote control unit.

The app can be seen in action at around the one minute mark of this video

The Xbox Companion app is described as 'coming soon' and will be available for free from the Windows Phone marketplace.

Xbox companion app

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Blog