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Rafe is the man behind all the ‘All About’ sites. He’s responsible for business development and editorial direction. Rafe has a deep understanding of the mobile and smartphone industry and is widely recognised as one of the leading experts on Nokia’s smart device activities and strategy.

When writing Rafe specialises in covering device, industry and developer themes, but will also turn his hand to any topic that he thinks might interest the ‘All About’ audience.

You can follow him on Twitter (@rafeblandford) or Google+ and can contact him by email on rafe@allaboutwindowsphone.com or via the contact page.

Recent Content by Rafe

Review: Wileyfox Pro (part 1: pitch, hardware, performance)


The latest Windows 10 Mobile smartphone is interesting in many ways. It's ostensibly underpowered compared to some in the Android world at a comparable price point, yet the Wileyfox Pro is aimed at a totally different audience, one for whom Android isn't an option. As only the second new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone launched this year, this occupies quite a rarified space  - but can it make this space its own?

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Windows 10 Mobile's 'hidden' landscape UI


Now, don't get too excited, I haven't found a hack to get the Start screen to work in landscape mode (though this was planned at one point by Microsoft) - but I've made some pleasing discoveries with some built-in and third party applications. Which is as expected, really - if Windows 10 Mobile can expand and re-arrange its screen output for a large Continuum display then we should expect some sense of that when our phones are rotated and their (horizontal) screen size suddenly doubles.

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A December 2017 Start Screen Snapshot


We're in an odd period for Windows on phones. Microsoft bought Nokia, made a couple of cracking releases and then stopped selling them, despite demand from enthusiasts. Meanwhile other licensees have come and gone, with the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro here the currently sold 'flagship'. And I've been living (again) with the IDOL 4 Pro 24/7 for a couple of weeks with my main SIM - so how is it set-up? These articles are always popular, so here's my current Start Screen Set-up, as at December 2017.

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Camera head to head: Lumia 950 vs OnePlus 5T


The OnePlus 5T is the latest kid on the block in terms of smartphone hardware - with 16MP and 20MP sensors, used in different ways. It's the perfect starting point for a smartphone user who has decided to jump to Android in every other way than imaging. So can the camera get close to the mighty Lumia 950 XL? I find out below...

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Review: PDF Conversion Tool (UWP)


Now this is really something - a genuinely useful jack of all trades document conversion tool, the sort of thing that gets my tech heart excited. Or maybe that's just me being very geeky! PDF Conversion Tool is a premium UWP app for Windows 10 on all form factors (but which arguably works best on the phone, i.e. W10M) that can convert anything to PDF and PDF to, well, (almost) anything.

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AAWP Insight #232: Windows 10 Mobile dead? Not so fast!


Rafe Blandford is back, by popular demand, with his take on recent tech tabloid stories regarding the 'death of Windows 10 Mobile'. Covering some of the last week's stories in passing, we muse on the current state of the OS and on the future of mobile, in a wider ranging than planned discussion(!)

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