Wanted: Zombies for Windows Phone game

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Wanted Zombies. Must like Windows Phone. Or at least that's what my kind of phone (the official Windows Phone UK blog) is saying. Developer Chaos Created is looking for zombies to act as a backdrop to its upcoming game: Zombies Ate My City. Aspiring Zombies should get themselves along to the Isle of Dogs in London on October 22nd to take part in the video shoot that will form some of the content in the game.  

Also noteworthy is that all the video for the game is going to be shot on Windows Phone devices (sounds like the sort of project Nokia might back to us).

Here's what the my kind of phone blog has to say:

Chaos Created, the folks behind Timedancer (which we love by the way), are busy at work creating a brand new interactive media game for Windows Phone: Zombies Ate My City.

Zombies Ate My City, coming this December, is an interactive location based game, whereby users defend the city they live in from a wave of brain hungry zombies. There are missions to complete, weapons to gain and extra points in hidden locations to collect.

The game is still being developed and they need a few more zombies to create the scenes. The Choas Created team will be shooting the video elements for the app  - entirely on Windows Phones - over three days in London around the Isle of Dogs. They need a bunch of Windows Phone fans to come down on Saturday 22 October to play zombie and star in the app. Exciting stuff.

Here's some additional information on the game from the developers.

We can’t say too much about the project right now, other than to say that it’s a transmedia project that we’ve had in our heads for a while now with a mobile and a web component and, once again, it’ll be combining the film making and programming skills of the Chaos Created team with the writing talent of Arivind Abraham.  We can also promise that we’ll be doing something completely unique and something that everybody can get involved in.  It’s going to be so much fun.

Source / Credit: my kind of phone