LG manufactured Jil Sander fashion phone goes on sale

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Via Pocket-Lint comes news that German design label Jil Sander has officially launched their Windows Phone 7.5 device. Sitting in the fashion phone niche, the device (E906) is manufactured by LG, but has the signature minimalist look and blue stripe of the label. The device has a 1GHz processor, 3.8 inch (800 x 480) screen, 16GB of storage and a five megapixel camera. 

The E906 is effectively a re-badged version of LG's first generation Windows Phone device. However, with the fashion label it will undoubtedly have a very different addressable market to the typical Windows Phone device.

Here's a video, which gives a good overview of the phone.

The phone is available in available in select retail outlets (high end fashion) from today.

Source / Credit: Pocket-Lint