What happens when you use Windows Phone for thirty days?

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What happens when you use Windows Phone for thirty days with an open mind? That's what Tom Bradley at PC world has been doing, and now he's finished the assignment there is a lovely set of articles looking at Windows Phone in the real world, under fire, and coping remarkably well. But what's the overall view of Bradley? And should we spoil the surprise?

Given the headline of the last article read "WP7 'Mango' is ready for prime time" there's not a huge amount of room for spoilers, but the key is in the detail:

Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" is a whole different story. It is a unique mobile OS that delivers a different experience that doesn't simply try to imitate iOS--more like having a Red Bull instead of a Coca Cola, or eating at KFC instead of McDonald's. It's not that I like it better than iOS per se. I like it about the same but for different reasons.

We think Tom liked it! You can decide yourself and browse Bradley's daily articles here on PC World.

Source / Credit: PC World