Wordpress client updated with Mango and Live Tile support

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Following a hasty bug fix to v1.3, Wordpress have released an updated client for the popular blogging platform. Allowing you to manage your Wordpress.com blogs, a blog installed on your own server, or start a new blog, this is a handy tool both for keeping track of comments, pings and stats, as well as letting you post updates to your blog from a Windows Phone handset.

Support for blog specific Live Tiles has also been added, so you can pin a specific blog to your start screen. Sharing options throughout the Metro interface will give you the option of sharing content through Wordpress to your blog, including the upload of photos direct from the gallery.

 Wordpress on WP7 Wordpress on WP7

It still feels a bit rough around the edges, and it's certainly not as polished as the Wordpress client for the latest Android devices, but it brings you all the major elements needed to blog on the go and it gets the job done - that's most of the battle.

You can download or updated Wordpress via the Windows Marketplace.

Source / Credit: Windows Marketplace