Mobile Syrups's three "wows" of Mango

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More Mango coverage, as Mobile Syrup gives a thumbnail look at the update history of Windows Phone 7, before looking at three elements of WP7.5 that have made them go "Wow".

Quickly after the initial release, updates were promised. First, an update to allow for better updates. Then the NoDo update added the copy-paste functionality that was missing from the beginning. And since then, promises. Promises of a Mango future that would herald a new era of Windows Phone dominance. Of multitasking and quick app resuming, of Twitter integration and built-in music discovery. Of threaded messaging, deep in-app Live Tile support; of a new standards-compliant web browser that screams. Promises of greatness. Does it deliver? Can it possibly live up to expectations? We’re going to look at three of my favourite “WOW” features in Mango, and see how it differentiates itself from the competition in the process.

It's not a huge shock to see Multitasking or the People Hub's social network integration on the podium, but music discovery is an interesting choice. Head over to Mobile Syrup to find out the details.

Source / Credit: Mobile Syrup