Bing Maps facelift goes live, it seems

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According to Mobile Tech World, the much-anticipated system-wide refresh of Bing Maps has now gone live. The changes are subtle if you don't use these maps very often - see this PDF file for full details. The main changes are cosmetic improvements to help highlighted information and routes stand out, but there are also function improvements in terms of which details are shown at which map zoom level.

From Mobile Tech World's comments:

"Well the new layout is a lot more easier on the eyes and includes several new improvements:

- Primary roadways are denoted in a more distinct color
- One way streets are more clearly marked
- Road shields are more visible
- Text labels are easier to read
- Traffic overlays are clearer and more defined
- Lots of other details to improve map readability

Let me know if you are seeing the same thing"

Source / Credit: Mobile Tech World