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Expensify describe their service as way to process and generate expense reports that "don't suck". Much of the hardwork is done by the web service automatically (e.g. sync with credit cards and bank accounts, automatically generating eReceipts). However some expenses can not be collected automatically and this is where the Windows Phone app comes in - it turns your phone into a receipt scanner and entry system

Information about the transaction amount, merchant and date are automatically pulled out of the receipt. This has the added benefit of avoiding the problem of lost receipts.  

Expensify will also let you record other expenses and can also be used to track mileage. 

The Windows Phone app is free, as is the Expensify service for personal use. For companies the pricing starts at $5 per employee.

Expensify description and screenshots:

Expensify does expense reports that don't suck! We do this by automating your entire expense report process.

Use our website to sync with your credit cards and bank accounts to track purchases as they happen. We'll even pull in eReceipts, digital copies of the paper receipts you normally have to carry around, for most purchases under $75. Any remaining out of pocket purchases can be logged right from your phone!

For any purchases that are made with cash or are not eligible for eReceipts, turn your Windows Phone in to a receipt scanner by snapping a picture of the receipt! Our app will scan the image and pull out the merchant, date and amount of the transaction. We will use this information to either create a new cash expense or attach the receipt to it's matching credit card purchase.

Add in any remaining mileage expenses and you have a completely documented view of all spending. Log in to your account at https://www.expensify.com to pick and choose which expenses should be added to an expense report. We'll email a PDF of your report to anyone with an email address for their approval. You can even be reimbursed directly to a checking account, all online!

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