Smart Dialer - filter contacts with a few taps

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The Smart Dialler app offers a feature that will be familiar to many smartphone users - filtering a list of contacts by starting to dial a name or number. An early version of this was introduced in one of the very first Windows Mobile smartphone (Canary) back in 2002, but has since become available in many devices. However it's missing from the vanilla Windows Phone experience. 

The application has been made possible by the addition of APIs in Mango that allow developers access to the Contact database.

To get the most out of this app it make sense to pin it to the Start screen of your phone. The level if integration is necessarily limited, but for those missing smart dial functionality, this application will be very welcome. It is available in the marketplace for £1.29 / €1.49 / $1.49.

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One of the most missed features in Windows Phone is the "Smart Dial". If you are coming from old windows mobile or other OS that enables smart dialing, you must be missing this neat feature. This application is just made to complement your phone experience with such a neat feature.

Smart Dialer ScreenshotSmart Dialer ScreenshotSmart Dialer Screenshot

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