PipeMania - plumbing against the clock

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PipeMania is an implementation of the classic plumb against the clock style of game. The first version, called Pipe Mania, was developed for the Amiga by The Assembly Line in 1989. The aim of the game is to connect a set of pipes together before the water starts flowing. To pass a level you need to connect a given number of pipes. Each level gets harder, with more pipes to connect and less time to connect them in.

Getting pipe placement correct can be a little trciky at first, especially if you're using one of the smaller screen Windows Phone devices. Nonetheless, with a bit of practise, you'll soon be plumbing like a pro.

PipeMania is a free download in the Windows Phone marketplace.

Description and screenshots:

PipeMania is where you can quickly sneak out of your rut in to the green lawn of Waterland. The quick moves required to create a maze of pipes for each level will surely activate your gray matter. So, just get on challenging your own scores as the difficulty level increases for each round. Pipe it up before you are splashed.

PipeMania ScreenshotPipeMania ScreenshotPipeMania Screenshot

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