Nokia will announce its phones at Nokia World

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At the AsiaD conference, Microsoft's Andy Lees confirmed that Nokia will "announce their phones". That deliberate plurality adds credence to the suggestion that Nokia have several Windows Phone devices up its sleeves. We at All About Windows Phone have a policy of not commenting on leaks. However, if you have been reading other blogs, you will know which device, in particular, has already been heavily hinted at. The All About Symbian / Windows Phone team will be at Nokia World 2011 en force, and will cover any and all announcements as they happen.

You can see the highlights of the interview below, and read it in full by clicking on our source link. However, here is an interesting segment talking about Nokia's effect on the Windows Phone industry and how Microsoft are controling the user experience across all OEMs.

Andy Lees: Well, so, and there are different things that you can do in hardware and software. So, for example, if one phone wanted to be NFC and the other one didn’t, you can do that. Different cameras, etc. What we do is we allow OEMs to add, but not replace. And we provide a core set of experiences and a platform within which that they can replace, they can extend. And that’s a far better methodology than having people ripping out parts of the system to improve upon them, because then what happens is you get fragmentation. So, I think that when you see this in the store, you will see a whole bunch of unique software and some unique hardware features that HTC has versus the Samsung, and vice versa. And next week, when you see the announcements from Nokia, you will see them doing the same things. They’ll have differentiating hardware and software. So that’s not a limitation. I think the biggest issue is the fragmentation that their model provides.

Ina Fried: And you guys are obviously making the case to your hardware partners that, “Hey, Google’s going out and buying one of your competitors,” do you think that change in the market is going to get any of them to drop Android? Or are you just looking for more of their time and attention and resources within those same hardware makers?

Andy Lees: We’re not forcing anybody to drop anything. Certainly, we’ve seen a lot more motivation from hardware manufacturers since Google made that announcement. I think they’re very nervous about what’s going to happen. And I’m looking forward to making a few announcements of some new OEMs that are coming on board. And I think some of that was motivated by what they see in terms of the pace and the innovation we put in the software. Some of that they see because of the investment that Nokia is, is putting in place. And some of it, frankly, is also because of what Google is doing.

Source / Credit: Microsoft's Andy Lees, Windows Phone 7 Comes of Age [AllThingsD]