Windows Phone gets one step closer to screenshot capability

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One of the problems with reviewing applications for Windows Phone is that taking screenshots is not at all straight forward. Fortunately, a member of the XDA developer forum has created a tool that allows users to take screen shots within their device, without needing a PC and an SDK setup. The application, Screen Capturer, has just been updated to version 3.0, which removed the requirement for the user to "interop-unlock" their device, but the simpler form of unlocking is required. It also allows users to invoke the application by pressing the camera key on the side of their device.

For anyone unsure how to unlock, or jailbreak, their Windows Phone device, guidance can be found here.

Developer JerryJiang, posted some advisories and limitations about his application. Users can control whether screenshots are captured automatically, and how long the software will listen out for camera key presses.

He also notes that the application currently will not work with games or video playback. Furthermore, screenshots are saved as temporary files and users must go back to the screen capture application to manually save images to the built-in Pictures application.

Here is an example of its output:

Screen capturer output for Windows Phone

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Source / Credit: [XAP] Screen Capturer v3 - use Camera key to get screenshot